SHRUTI NAIDU's tryst with social causes-SEVA SHRUTI
Shruti Naidu is a supporter of social causes and takes immense interest in issues of concern. As part of holistic approach to health from grass root level; by returning to our roots; thereby promoting "ORGANIC FARMING" & "use of organic products" and also extending support to farmers.

"KRUSHI-KHUSHI"- the words conjure up 'happy farmers & happy citizens' and their bonding. This can be called a "Go Organic" drive. As the first Successful program of KRISHI KHUSHI - a sweat donation program was planned joining hands with "organic Mandya" in Gowdagere village of Mandya district, where in sowing of Sugarcane, Millets & Greens were done. Involving the artistes & technicians of 'Mahadevi' & 'Mahanadi' Serials of her Production house was the highlight. This marked the interaction & understanding between the farmers & Actors.

Further, focusing on bringing youngsters back to roots & instill this culture & values in youth with the vision of breaking barriers of Urban & Rural devide; another sweat donation program is planned to promote kitchen garden in chosen villages of Mandya. Though the concept of kitchen garden originates from villages, it no longer exists there and has become urban. Taking the concept back to rural women & help them lead a healthy life, make them economically independent thereby empower them is the vision of Shruthi.

Shruthi plans to carry on with working on such social related issues constantly & inspire others too.